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Village of Montour Falls Announces Members of NY Forward LPC - First Meeting Scheduled

The Village of Montour Falls was recently selected as the winner of $4.5 million in funding through the NY Forward program. A key component of the NY Forward Program includes regular meetings of the Montour Falls Local Planning Committee (LPC). LPC meetings are designed to be working meetings for the Committee – utilized to brainstorm ideas, provide direction and feedback to the consultant team, review planning products, and discuss community engagement efforts.

This will be the first time that the newly created LPC will meet and discuss this transformational opportunity for the Village of Montour Falls, located in Schuyler County, New York. Members of the LPC were selected by representatives from the Department of State, who oversee the project and process. The LPC will be led by Co-Chairs, Mayor James Ryan, and the Executive Director of the Schuyler County Partnership for Economic Development (SCOPED), Judy McKinney Chair, who also serves as the Co-Chair of the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council.

The members of the Montour Falls Local Planning Committee (LPC) include:

Mayor James Ryan Village of Montour Falls, Mayor

Judy McKinney Cherry SCOPED, Executive Director

Jeff Confer Village of Montour Falls, Trustee

Rebecca Gould Schuyler Hospital, President/CFO

Thomas McGeary Montour Falls Planning Board Chair

David Zinger Vedder & Scott Funeral Home, Owner

Kyle Colunio Montour Falls, Resident

Kristin VanHorn Schuyler County Planning Department, Director

Dr. Lindsay Hall Montour Falls, Resident

Fonda Chronis Schuyler County, County Administrator

Dustin Corbett Montour Falls, Property Owner

Nigar Hale Watkins Glen Chamber of Commerce, Executive Director

Ashley Kerrick Schuyler County Catholic Charities, Executive Director

Mayor James Ryan said of the New York Forward award, “Montour Falls is well positioned to drive new investment in our community for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. The NY Forward planning process will lead to project recommendations based on goals identified through the LPC. I encourage community members to get involved and be a part of this process.”

Judy McKinney Cherry noted “I am pleased that the Village of Montour Falls will be able to make a significant impact with the investment from the NY Forward program. I am looking forward to working with Mayor Ryan, the LPC, and the community to ensure that we make meaningful investments that will add to the growth and development of Montour Falls and Schuyler County for future generations.”

The first meeting of the Montour Falls LPC is scheduled for May 23, 2023, from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. at the Montour Falls Fire Station, 111 Lee Street, Montour Falls, NY. All meetings are open to the public and there will be a public comment period at the end of the meeting. The community is encouraged to attend all of the LPC meetings to stay informed about the process, provide feedback on projects and help steer the direction and future of the Village of Montour Falls.

For more information about the NY Forward Program visit:


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