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Schuyler County Industrial Development Agency


SCIDA was created in 1971 as a public benefit corporation organized under the New York State General Municipal Law. It provides financial assistance to qualified applicants in the form of mortgage recording tax exemption, sales and tax exemptions, real property tax abatement, and low-interest rates for debt incurred as part of the project.

The Schuyler County Industrial Development Agency (SCIDA) was created to promote the prosperity of its residents through the creation of jobs (new or retained), increased private investment, additional housing, competitive educational resources, notable recreational, and other economic opportunities in Schuyler County. The Agency will achieve these goals through the use of various tax incentives provided by the Agency, which shall be proportional to jobs, economic activity projected, or opportunities provided to the citizens of Schuyler County.


The Agency will access the achievement of its goals as expressed in the Mission Statement by:

  • Monthly review of the Agency's financials by the Board.

  • The Audit Committee is responsible for the annual review of the financials with an independent Auditing Agency and reports to the Agency Board.

  • Review of all businesses which have received tax incentives from the Agency to determine if they are compliant with agreed-upon business projections. This will require a yearly report from each business that has received a tax incentive from the Agency.

  • Yearly report to the NYS Authorities Budget Office and posting of the Mission Statement and Authorities Budget Office report on the Agency web page.

  • The Agency will conduct an annual internal review of the Agency’s goals, the effectiveness of the Agency in meeting those goals, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the operation of the Board.

Budget, Audit, and Annual Reports

Financial Reports                                  2023|  202220212020 | 2019

Performance Measurement Report      2023202220212020 | 2019

Schedule of debt                                  N/A

Internal Control Report                        2023202220212020 | 2019

Budget Report                                      20242023 | 20222021  

Board Member Vacancy Notice            20232022 

Procurement Report                              N/A

Investment Report                                2023 |  202220212020 | 2019

2023 Annual Audit Report

2022 Annual Audit Report


2021 Annual Audit Report


2020 Annual Audit Report

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